Saturday09 offers you the product which is honest and solution of inconvenience based on the analysis of inconveniences from our daily life.


Safe and healthy life care with nature derived ingredients.

The sound of nature

Dr.SEED contains safe ingredients under the study of environment and the laws of nature.

Dr.SEED always consider to offer the genuine relax in a healthy way

from the various environments

Safe from the perfection

Dr.SEED has no 20 kinds of harmful ingredients at all to use with the whole family.

Keep your philosophy of consumption.

Dr.SEED donates our values in various way to the society to share and make more value for the better society and environment.

Technology makes the origin strength.

With our own R&D center & Big data analysis information, Dr.SEED brings you more

safe and healthy life care to your life.

Hair Care
Body Care
Solution Booster
Hair Care
Body Care
Solution Booster
Special Care
Life Care

de oklm

Stay Calm and be yourself with de oklm

100% Vegan Cosmetic 

All product of De oklm is VEGAN certified from Korea agency of Vegan Certification and Services which has a strict standard for vegan.

Stress Free Cosmetic

Skin care with simple and easy skin care and reduce your stress.

Natural Healing Beauty

Keep your skin healthy with natural ingredients and no harmful or allergic ingredients.

Simple Solution Skin Care

With only 1 good product can help you enough from various skin problem

Make simple skin care routine but keep the essence of good skin care with de oklm.


Basic Care
Special Care


amazhim, Easy and Simple life solution for Men

Amazing him Easy, Convenience

amazhim will offer various solution for men's easy and convenient lifestyle

  amzhim is
  about men wellness.

    amazhim is a life style brand in easy and a simple way

    and this it not only for specific target of men but anyone who

    want to have better lifestyle and well-being.

Men's hygiene Cleanser

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